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Process Flow


A. Three major raw material: 1. High quality local Charcoal, 2. High purity local Quartz, 3. Imported low sodium Petroleum Coke


B. Carbon electrodes play a main role in the production processes in this submerged arc furnace. The electric current runs through the electrode between the contact plates and the tip of the electrode causing the ignition of the electric arc with its extremely high temperatures (> 2000°C) necessary for the reduction of quartz into silicon. Every day, around 22 tons of silicon per furnace are produced.


C. The liquidized Si is then casted into a model for natural cooling to become solid Si, and then to be crushed into specified small size.


D. Different grades of solid Si will be classified, packed and stored separately for further specified applications.


E. The silicon fume from the furnace will be cooled and collected by the filter system. That is microsilica, which will be all supplied to the world microsilica leader, Elkem.


G. The waste heat from the furnace can be collected to generate electricity for recycle utilization.